At ILMAR we analyse the conditions and needs inherent to each project, providing a customised reply and suggesting the best solution for each partner to reach their objectives and expectations. Because each client is unique and has specific needs, at ILMAR we believe that differentiation is one of the key words for success and for this reason each client can obtain a project tailored to his needs.


To support the client in all the stages of the project is another mission of ILMAR. The company thus has a project department capable of giving this support, in an initial phase, in the development of the factory layout, in order to adapt the entire installation to the projects' characteristics. It also offers ongoing support at the different stages of construction: design, civil construction, assembly and start-up of equipment and, finally, operator training. A true turnkey service offer in consortia with clients.


The vast experience in the installation of turnkey solutions allows ILMAR to use its know-how to perfect and successively create new procedures. One of the company's main assets is the capacity to produce in its own installations all the equipment necessary for the creation of production lines for this industry. In-depth knowledge of the entire manufacturing process allows us to design and manufacture the equipment that best suits our clients' needs. In addition, the company's sales department provides direct support to all clients, regardless of their location, guaranteeing a 24-hour response in the markets where it operates.


At ILMAR we have specialised teams of technicians with decades of experience that reinforce once again the turnkey concept service. These teams are responsible for the installation, test and start-up of all the equipment sold, providing support in all the installation stages of the project. Only when everything is installed, tested and in full operation, do the technicians withdraw from the installation sites. But their involvement does not stop there.


There is no doubt that it is not possible in today's world to turn your back after selling a product or providing a service. It is necessary to go beyond and be truly side by side with our clients. For these reasons, ILMAR offers an after-sales service for each and every product supplied. The great variety of parts in stock available in our warehouse allows a quick and efficient delivery of the components to be replaced so that the clients' work is never compromised. There is also, for that purpose, a contact line which is always available.