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In 1978, António da Silva Martins began his career in an individual capacity in the area of metallurgy, focused on the development of machinery for the production of concrete products.

The company's beginnings were based on the development of small machines for the manufacture of concrete products, later evolving into small and medium sized stationary machines that allowed it to accompany the development of the construction sector in Portugal in the 1980s.

At the beginning of the 1990s it began to develop the first fully automatic machine, dedicated to clients looking for high production and high performance. In this decade of enormous technological development it has incorporated into its products, company and employees a vision of continuous improvement, aimed at meeting the needs of its clients.


The huge success of its high performance equipment gave rise to the ILMAR brand, founded in 1992, today it is a reference brand and market leader in Portugal, currently operating in various parts of the world, having several high performance equipment installed in: Angola, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco, S. Tome and Principe, Venezuela, Brazil, Oman, Namibia, among others.


The company currently develops solutions for a globalised market, using cutting edge technology. The company intends to solidify its position in the markets where it operates and to open new markets that will allow it to expand in the global market.

With a view to expanding into new markets, in 2023 the company inaugurates a new production unit on 16,000 m2, equipping the new industrial complex with the most advanced manufacturing and quality control technologies.