Powerful reducers

Concrete Plants

The right choice for precast and high performance concrete

With our powerful planetary reducers that allow a vigorous mixing action that covers the entire mixing machine section several times per minute, a highly homogeneous aggregate and concrete mixtures are obtained, thus resulting in a very significant reduction in concrete compared to other, older systems.

Our range of mixers vary from 0.30 m3 to 1.5 m3 of concrete vibrated per cycle. All models are fitted with emergency start systems as standard so that in the event of a power failure they will start up again even when full. The entire interior of the mixers is lined with removable high strength 500HB steel plates.

Fixed Concrete Plants

The ILMAR fixed plants (CBF) provide the client with a variable production capacity between 25 and 120 m3/h, depending on the client's needs.

Compact Concrete Plants

The Compact plant family (CMP) stands out for its compact design, offering an optimal solution for occupying the smallest possible area. Its technical characteristics allow this equipment to respond to the ready-mix concrete sector as well as to the production of concrete for precast with capacities from 25m3/h to 40m3/h.

Mobile Concrete Plants

The mobile plant family (CBM) stands out for its design, which allows easy mobility and reduced assembly and disassembly time of the equipment. Its technical features allow this equipment to respond to the ready-mix concrete sector up to 120m3/h as well as concrete for precast production up to 80m3/h.



Powerful planetary reducers that allow a vigorous mixing action.


Obtaining high quality and homogeneous mixtures, making it possible to reduce the use of concrete.


Hydraulic unloading doors with manual override and dedicated unit (Pneumatic doors optional).


Number of discharge doors according to the needs of each client.


Emergency starter to enable the mixer to be started even if it is full.


Ilmar brand shovels and scrapers made from a special casting alloy in order to increase their durability and wear resistance.


Interior and bottom lined with removable high-strength steel sheets.


Low maintenance.


Various accessories and options are available to enable the execution of mixtures in accordance with the latest manufacturing techniques.

Technical data

of input
Concrete vibrated on the way out
of output
Motor power
ASM 800
500L 0,35m3 800kg 15kW
ASM 1200
750L 0,5m3 1200kg 22kW
ASM 1800
1125L 0,75m3 1800kg 30KW
ASM 2400
1500L 1m3 2400kg 45kW
ASM 3600
2250L 1,5m3 3600kg 75kW
ASM 4800
3000L 2m3 4800kg 90kW/ 2x45kW
ASM 7200
4500L 3m3 7200kg 2x66kW



This model also incorporates our latest Manufacturing Management Software "Supervision 3.0", fully developed by ILMAR.